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Job Group NameCPSB 07
Specify Job Description below:

     i.        Chair and head departmental meetings;

    ii.        An integral member of the HMT and any other committees in the hospital ;

   iii.        Chair to the Medicines and Therapeutics committee (MTC);

   iv.        Draw up duty roster for all medical doctors and medical interns;

    v.        Compile and submit all medical-related reports;

   vi.        To provide information and updates on new guidelines and policies on health, disease and their management;

vii.        Respond to all calls of duty by the intern doctor or nurse-on duty, whether emergency or otherwise, as quickly as possible;

  1. Physically review all patients and instruct, in writing, all recommendations ;Assist the consultant in all the wards, theatres and clinics Observe timeliness in service delivery at all times;

   ix.        Conduct teaching ward rounds with the interns and students rotating in the clinical area whenever the specialist is not there or as assigned by the consultant;

    x.        Undertake certain specified emergency surgeries, minor or major, with the assistance of the intern doctor(s) or students (s);

   xi.        Fill P.3 Forms;

xii.        Perform Post mortems (PMs) and duly fill autopsy forms;

xiii. Filling of Death Certificates;

xiv. Undertake medical examinations and certify physical fitness;

xv.        Attend to court cases;

xvi. Provide education for prevention of disease and health promotional activities; Participate in outreach health activities;

xvii.Prepare and implement annual work plan based on department work plan;

xviii. Using your job description and work plan, to continually appraise yourself and rectify any shortcomings or suggest necessary assistance;

xix. Ensure that you undertake requisite professional development activities.

Specify Job Qualification below:

     i.        Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (M.B; Ch.B.), Medical Doctor (MD);

    ii.        Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate in Senior Management and Strategic Leadership Development D Registered by the Medical Practitioners’ and Dentists Board;

   iii.        A comprehensive understanding of clinical and surgical procedures, patient care procedures, medical protocols and testing procedures D Comprehensive knowledge of medical terminologies, medical conditions and their management;

   iv.        The analytical ability necessary to evaluate and determine health status of patient and implement proper care plan D Interpersonal skills necessary to interview, teach and counsel patients; instruct health care personnel on procedures and treatment D Ability to analyze and evaluate patient history, physical examination findings and laboratory values, and make preliminary diagnosis of patients for review by physician;

    v.        Registered by the Medical Practitioners’ and Dentists Board;

vi. One year of Internship in a government approved health facility.

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Apply ByDecember 08, 2020