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Job Group NameCPSB 09
Specify Job Description below:

     i.        Participating in animal health field demonstrations and agricultural shows;

    ii.        Participating in sample collection and dispatch;

   iii.        Inspection of livestock stock routes , collecting data and writing technical reports;

   iv.        Demonstrating and training on milk techniques and external parasite control techniques;

    v.        Carrying out vaccination and closed castration;

   vi.        Carrying out simple treatment of animals;

vii.        Participating in disease search and reporting;

viii. Record keeping on animal breeding, animal health, milk production, dipping data and maintaining dairy units;

ix. Carrying out Artificial Insemination.

Specify Job Qualification below:

     i.        Diploma in Animal Health, Animal Health and Production, Environmental Health, clinical Pathology Veterinary Public Health from recognized institution;

    ii.        Be a registered Member of Kenya Veterinary Board (KVB);

   iii.        Certificate in Computer applications from recognized institution;

   iv.        Certificate in AI & Meat inspection will be an added advantage.

# of Openings3
Apply ByDecember 08, 2020