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Job Group NameCPSB 09
Specify Job Description below:

     i.        Periodic monitoring and evaluation of County projects at the ward level and other programs in the sector’s annual work plan and budgets;

    ii.        Ensuring effective service delivery at the ward level on a day-to-day basis;

   iii.        Coordinating developmental activities to empower the community;

   iv.        Facilitating and coordinating citizen participation in the development of policies and delivery of services;

    v.        Coordinating, managing and supervising the general administrative functions in the ward unit including the ward public service;

   vi.        Developing policies and plans for implementation at ward level;

   vii.        Liaising with County and National Government staff at the ward level.

Specify Job Qualification below:

i.   Have Bachelors in administration or management related field;

ii.  Computer literate

# of Openings8
Apply ByDecember 08, 2020